Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14th, 2013

I Love You So Much! Kiss!

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Some tips for the autumn mood

October 29th, 2012

Still without a golden glow, autumn is here. Her presence is perceived lack of sun, on the one hand and the emergence of bad weather on the other. After smiling and sunny summer and the end of the holidays, the new season inevitably affects the senses and our perceptions. Unfortunately, the changes are not in a positive way – they are in a bad mood and appearance of depression. It is normal to feel that way since died out in nature brings us discomfort. To avoid the experience we need to pay attention to certain activities in the rest of the year we could not afford to miss. To keep positivism and good mood in the autumn, however, they are essential …

1. More movement Scientists have repeatedly demonstrated that daily exercise is a great way to deal with depression and “black” thoughts. If you have not yet formed the habit of exercise, daily walks in the park or a quiet place, can do wonders for your mood. The phrase “I feel alive!” Speaks volumes in itself. Should reach a state that requires us to express, as often this season. Besides mental attitude, an important step towards such a situation and the way we feel our body. Running for health, for example, is a great way to get toned. Beginners, however, should not overdo it – when I feel stress or fatigue in the muscles stop. If you think running your boring, now is the time to choose a pastime – sport, dance, yoga – all of them will do wonders for both body and spirit.

2. Smehoterapiya Laughter is health! Probably everyone has heard the expression that deserves its popularity. He is the subject of research by scientists around the world. It has been shown that laughter improves health. While we laugh, take in more air, resulting in improved blood circulation. Thus, improving breathing, massage the abdominal organs, reducing stress, pain go away. Laughter has a soporific effect. Thus, overnight stay is relaxing and concentration during the day improves – the secret to be more capable in the workplace. In addition, laughter boosts the immune system and protects against heart disease. Put in a comedy that you unload and banish unpleasant thoughts and feelings. On the other hand, try to find more reason to smile. Certainly we see around smiling and cheerful faces, the mood improves. When we laugh, our brain releases endorphins are – known as the hormone of happiness. Based on these facts do not, psychotherapists create a method by which to treat both mental and physical illnesses and conditions. In Bulgaria, however Smehoterapiya not yet widespread.

3. Good friends … In meetings with friends can disband to share – good and bad. This is the best way to dispel, because they are “in good hands”. Get together more often with your loved ones – they can understand and help in any situation. In general, any good company, a new thrill to have a positive effect.

4. To pamper This method is one of the most effective to overcome daily stress and tension. In the autumn, however, must be paid particular attention. Devote more time favorite activities. Start with a massage – a great way to get rid of stress and tension and improve your mood and make you feel “alive.” Perform all cosmetic procedures that give you pleasure and help you relax. Blast your favorite music, dance and sing freely. Take a relaxing bath. Candlelit dinner with fine food and good company is also a great way to feel better. Try to see the beauty of the season. Autumn brings with it a natural and beautiful pictures – enjoy them!

Practical tips for hassle-free holiday

September 6th, 2012

There are many reasons to travel to visit relatives, to give shopping or to disband from our busy lives and way of life. But in any event prior to escape from gray weekdays, you need to plan your holiday in advance in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and you can enjoy the rest. Below you can find a list of useful practical tips that are useful for you next time you pack your bags and get ready for your vacation.

1. Set a budget The first and perhaps most important is to determine the budget that you can spend your time on the rest. Take time to calculate how much you can afford to give the travel and related expenses and strictly stick to it.

2. Plan Pre-check and research how to make reservations for accommodation and travel like a good idea in this case is to contact many travel agencies which can offer a full package of services you’re looking for, or provide you with different bargains and promotions that are not to be missed.

3. Assign duties All tasks in the planning and organization of your holiday must be distributed among travelers as a bad idea, only one man to shoulder all the responsibilities. For example, children can be tight on luggage previously prepared list, then just check if they complied.

4. Charge all cell phones and cameras No more unpleasant experience than to drop your camera battery while you’re going to capture the perfect shot, so be sure to load all devices with batteries before the trip and do not forget to take chargers with you.

5. Carefully prepare the necessary documents for your trip Good idea to use a plastic zip pocket where you put all the necessary documents such as passports, tickets and reservations. Thus, they are at hand and will not have to rummage through her purse in vain attempts to find them.

6. Do not forget your medication if you are taking any If you were to take any medication during your vacation, then put them in your luggage in their original packaging, so that at any time to have the necessary information relating thereto. If you plan to travel by plane, bus or any vehicle, but you suspect that the long time you get sick, then make sure in advance that case with the necessary medication.

7. Be careful with the amount of luggage It is quite normal to feel compelled to bring along at least three pairs of shoes and their favorite outfits, but realistically there is no point just lugging them up and down. Be imaginative and try to come up with as many combinations of basic wardrobe, such as trousers, skirts and a few shirts.

8. Happy kids equals happy parents If you have children and they will lie to you to make sure that they provide entertainment in the form of games on the go. You can also pick up a few books or movies with you to ensure you a relaxing holiday.

All about how to dress for a wedding

September 2nd, 2012

 One of the best moments in the life of a woman is certainly her wedding. It has been prepared long and every detail thoroughly and strictly perfect. When you invite your loved ones, they expect you attended the course and may not appear on the shorts and flip flops.

And now you’re invited to a wedding and immediately there is the eternal question, “What to wear?” Well, Cosmo helps you in choosing clothes and minimize your effort to a minimum.

Will you stay with a wedding. Besides the problem with the gift you have another, even more difficult to solve. What would be appropriate to wear. There is a bewildering variety of clothes and trends, but what would be right for you? In fact, you can use a lot of reference. First set a budget that you can spare for the occasion. This will help you can match boutiques from which to shop. Then zoom in on small details that really what would you suggest is an appropriate styling. The call is one of them.

It is the first thing that will guide you. Look carefully there a requirement for so-called clothing or dress code. Some couples consider what clothes would be suitable for their wedding and displayed in the invitation. This may be the best option for you because they facilitate an awful lot. But if not, look around for other izdaynicheta. The place and time of the wedding also talk a lot about clothes. For example, if the event will be a very fancy restaurant, and therefore you have to be very stylish. However, if the wedding is held on the beach and will be celebrated with a garden party, you can afford something is not quite so strict.

The first and most important thing to her irresistible is to bet on a garment that is simple, stylish and of course official. My advice while choosing to stop something that you can wear on other occasions. The best choice for a wedding dress is, but the decision depends on your individual style. Of course, you can bet and trousers or skirt.

If you opt for a dress, then follow these rules in order to look fun and flirtatious, not cheap and vulgar. Choose a dress knee-length or long, but never let them put miniskirts. V-neck is an option, but do not overdo. You do not need everyone to stare at your breasts. If you want to show flesh, feel free to choose a dress with bare back, no doubt it will attract a lot of eyes on him. Current currently asymmetries and so one shoulder dress is also an option. Thin straps and no straps are classic solutions. The materials which are to stop chiffon, satin, silk, also you can bet and lace. Refrain from tulle. You have a great choice of colors. But it’s nice to comply with the time and place of the wedding. For example, you have a great little black dress that you stay irresistibly, but black is not always appropriate. Particularly inappropriate if the wedding is living. If it is evening, you can wear black, but in combination with another color enhancement. White is permitted, but not desirable, though not going to the wedding to outshine the bride. Be careful with bright colors, the better option is to stop something not so swanky. Ideal solutions are violet, deep red, soft beige, royal blue and green eucalyptus, citrus colors are not negligible. You can wear something with a metallic glow without natural to overdo. Flasks left for other places. Watch the patterns. Floral patterns are a good solution as opposed to animal prints. But choose models with larger flowers because dresses with tiny flowers appear daily. To focus on the dress you can trust gentle curls and ribbons.

If you prefer pants, then to stop more elegant model. Many currently fashionable cigarette pants with ankle length or 3/4. Narrow models are more suitable for tall girls, so if you rounded solution is straight cut. Pants with a crease is a good choice. The finer fabrics look elegant, so it is good to choose just one. Combine selected trousers with a shirt with an interesting style, it can be made of transparent material, which is a strong trend at the moment. Classic cut shirt is appropriate, but be careful not to get too boring combination if your trousers are too clean. Another option is to combine the pants with feminine top. It’s good to focus on the upper half of his body as the classic models pants have something distinct and memorable. So choose a shirt with interesting details, such as big flower one shoulder beautiful neckline, puffed sleeves.

The suit is also a solution for a wedding. Daily models are not appropriate, so I quit the business suit – tailored, with feminine cut. Also current and long coats, men’s style, which became favorite designers this season. Such a model would look good combined with the short dress. If you choose pants, it complies with our advice above, and if you stop the sex, let it be to the knee and a pencil can not go wrong. Bright colors are preferable to dark. Suit in ecru or beige is ideal.

Although the accessories are very important, do not overdo it. They are always indispensable addition to your overall vision but to stop the wedding of something simple and clean. The label states that it is necessarily your bag is small. Wallets and purses are the perfect bag option. Use it more for jewelry part of your outfit. Not like a Christmas tree adorned with jewels. Stop or stylish earrings or an elegant necklace. Huge jewelry are still relevant, but retreated ahead of silver naktiti. Beautiful brooch is also an option, and you can choose flower and cloth. For shoes mandatory thing is the high current. It’s nice not to overdo with centimeters, however, to have comfort during the whole dance and ceremony.

15 effective ways to lose weight

September 2nd, 2012

Losing weight does not necessarily imply depriving yourself of something!
- Preparations for weight loss can cause diabetes
- Diets are no less effective without exercise
- Compliance with the diet is harmful and useless
- 5 tips for fast and healthy weight loss
To reduce weight and keep new.

In their quest for exquisite and beautiful body undergoing severe dieting and continuous training, often ignoring proven facts – there are many options available, both reduce excess weight and achieve the main goal – to keep the new levels.
Sometimes not even need to leave the house …

1. Smehoterapiya
It has been proven that laughter is one of the most effective ways to eliminate excess weight. 10-15 minutes of laughter helps to burn up to 50 calories. Experience shows that everyday Smehoterapiya will save you at least 2 kg per year.

For the duration of watching a comedy will burn as many calories as running at a distance of 1 km.
When a person laughs, their metabolism speeds up 20% on average, and this is the main guarantee for successful and permanent weight loss.

2. Water treatments
They are also a great way to speed up metabolism. Bathroom not only helps healing, but also helps to burn more calories. For every ounce of sweat separate body spends about 80 calories.
The account shows that only one bathing can lose weight up to 2 kg. Indeed, half the weight then quickly recovering as weakening the expense of loss of fluid from the body.
But regular bathing speeds up the metabolism and therefore helps to burn fat.

3. Passionate Sex and kisses
If you want to lose weight fast, regular sex is really one way – only 20 minutes will burn 120 calories, ie as at 10-minute jog.
Renowned nutritionist Bruno Fabry estimates that for 15 minutes of sex burns calories be derived from one glass of wine exam, and for 26 minutes – this one eaten pizza.
It has been shown that for one minute passionate kiss burns 6.4 calories. So 10 minutes kissing every day for a year will get rid of 3.5 kg.

4. Optimism
It has been shown that depression cleanse weight loss. People in a bad mood weaken much more difficult. When this happens, do not give effect worst diets and longest workouts, and even special operations for weight loss.
Following similar procedures in patients with neurological disorders weakened on average 4 kg less than mentally healthy people.
In good spirits and with a bright smile, people are moving more and this further helps to reduce weight.

5. Purity
No matter how unexpected may sound, regular house cleaning will save you from 4 calories per minute. In fact, the effectiveness of this activity can be compared to a visit to the gym once a week.
To burn 400 calories enough:
- 2 hour cleaning the floor;
- 2.15 hour wiping the dust;
- 82 minute vacuuming.
Of course, not every …
It is estimated that a one year regular home cleaning woman walks an average of 36 km and burn as much calories, which would be divided cyclist who has traveled 770 km.

6. “Magic effect”
It turns out that calories can be burned with the help of … a very simple mirror.
Every time I sit down at the kitchen table, put a mirror in front of him. You can hang it on the wall and. This simple trick allows to reduce by one third the amount of calories from food.
Own reflection in the mirror reminds a person that wants to lose weight. Thus he quickly fill up and forgo the extra portions.

7. ‘Flying’ gait
If you want to look slim and tight, go straight and you choose suitable clothes. According to psychologists, at least visually can lose weight by 5 kg … few seconds.
However, this must choose suitable clothes and observe a few rules: straighten your back, tighten abs, straighten your shoulders and buttocks tense. If you constantly go in this position, your body will get used to this “corset” and correct posture will become common.

8. Diet Mathematics
90% of food must be taken home at that 60 percent of it must get into the body through the first half of the day, nutritionists advise.
According to statistics, unfortunately, modern man eats less food at home rather than guests at a restaurant or diner.
Snack on the way to work or at home is not only not helping to save the picture but exactly the opposite – leads to obesity.
So – try every day to eat one cookie a croissant or a loaf less. Going to a restaurant, ordering his portion with 1/3 less than usual.
At any place and at any time, eat slowly and calmly, chew your food well.

9. Magic … diet
According to the American nutritionist Steven Hawks, you can lose weight more than 20 kg without giving up anything.
It sounds very simple – you need to eat only when you really feel hunger. If you can allow yourself any culinary pampering without fear for your figure.
But snacking “companion” and between meals should quit. Personal experience of the Hawks showed that one year with this diet really can lose weight more than 20 kg.

10. Green tea instead of black
Instead of the more common black tea and coffee nutritionists advise you to drink green tea, shown regular use helps prevent obesity.
In particular drink contains polyphenols (catechins), which accelerates the degradation of fats and regulate the level of glucose in the blood.
Green tea reduces appetite. Evidence suggests that people who drink green May eat 60% less than others.
Regular use of one cup of green tea a day will get rid of one kilogram per month. And the best part – the more green tea you drink, the more catechins coming into your body and lose more weight.

11. Water Diet
The use of large amounts of clean water necessary conditions for many diets. And not in vain! Exam 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, you can lose more than 2 kg without changing their usual lifestyle.
Water significantly speeds up the metabolism – about 30%. Daily consumption of 6-8 glasses of water cleanses the body from slag.
Even better is the use of cold water. To heat the body uses more energy, ie It helps to burn more calories. Just one cup of ice water leads to burning more than 60 calories.

12. Dance – diet
Real combining work with pleasure! Dance is not only a great physical workout for all the muscles of the body, but enjoyable, which elevates mood.
The amount of calories burned depends on the intensity of the dance:
- 20 minutes drive will save you 114 calories;
- 20 minutes or ballet twist – 125 calories;
- 20 minutes waltz or foxtrot – 62 calories.
Average one hour dance can burn about 400 calories. Even if you do it at home.

13. Exercises stairs
Give up the elevator and climb the stairs. All have heard this advice, but for some reason many people continue to ignore it. Up and down stairs train many muscles in the body and burns a lot of calories – experts estimate that daily 10-minute upload or down stairs allows for a year to lose weight by 4.5 kg.

14. Walk for pleasure
Instead of traveling to work by car or public transport in the crash, go away – at least 30 minutes a day. This time is enough (if all necessary conditions) to prevent excess weight.
45-minute walk will save you 300 calories. And if you do every day for a year will lose more than 13 kg. And not necessarily limit yourself to eating.

15. Playing with children
Do not miss a single opportunity to communicate with children. Try to spend as much time with them, but not like sitting in one place and participate in their games. Get out for a walk with your child, play hide and seek with him or catch up on a ball. Besides the direct benefit to weight, it will also improve your mood.

About the sun, the heat and the health

September 2nd, 2012

All for the sun, the heat and the  health – if this phrase sounds familiar: “I am so hot that even pour a bucket of cold water over your head, it will evaporate as soon as they touch me!”

This article is just for you.There are three main problems that can cause heat. These are cramps, exhaustion and heat stroke. To know how to react in each case, it is information that will help you distinguish them.

Cramps due to the heat, most are caused by loss of water and salt. Symptoms include sweating, fatigue, thirst and muscle cramps. If, after notice these symptoms, drink water and do not move the sun may feel headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, and can darken your urine.

Exhaustion caused by heat might lead to heat stroke, which is not so good because it causes shock, brain damage and in the worst cases – death. In sunstroke the body temperature reaches 40 degrees, it is noticed strange behavior, inadequate, irregular breathing, fast and light pulse, fainting, dry and red skin.

And cramps, and fatigue is important to act in time – drink water, do not stop moving suddenly, beware of the sun. If you get a stroke, you should be in the shade and be cooled (with a hose or sponge moistened with water) and you should be called doctor.

To avoid sunstroke, and any kind of physical discomfort caused by heat, wear a hat, avoid the sun and the hours during which it is most always bring a bottle of water, be well hydrated and do not forget to brush with sunscreen


Interesting facts about certain foods and drinks

July 19th, 2012


In some countries, to obtain a transparent wine producers add gelatin from the bones of animals, as well as red clay and ox blood. One of the most popular fish – tuna contains mercury. Her Excessive consumption may cause increased risk of heart disease. A quarter of the world’s people eat in the restaurant each day, while nutritionists from around the world recommend this to happen no more frequently than once a month. Full-skimmed product is not always low-calorie. Very often the lack of fat is replaced by the more harmful components that give a taste of the product. In some countries the process of whitening sugar is accomplished by using the crushed bones of cattle. This process was patented back in 1812. Bosingtang soup in Korea is made from dog meat. For the soup using a special breed nureongi not grown as a pet, but in special farms. Officially, it was banned by the Korean government after receiving a large amount of international appeals. But production continues soup and some restaurants may try illegally. Instead of taking an early morning you can eat two. They act much more refreshing and immediately you wake up and act and beauty. Children consume about one kilogram of sugar a week. This is because there are lots of hidden sugar in sweet muesli, cornflakes, ketchup for children, snacks and sweets that are favorites of kids. Magnificent taste of many foods is mainly due to the artificial flavors that are contained therein. No perfumes many foods would taste quite mediocre.


 Most fans of milk say it is one of the most perfect food for humans – a gift from nature. However, there are many people who refuse to consume the product, convinced that milk is not suitable for mature man food. The text presents summary statements of the opponents of milk. According to skeptics, none after being at its infancy does not consume milk or dairy products. Humans are the only species that deliberately choose to do so. The human body has no need of cow’s milk cheese, skeptics claim. According to them, no milk nutrients that can not be sourced from other non-dairy sources. Enzyme necessary to digest animal milk is called lactase. An amazing fact is that 20% of people of Caucasian, 53% of South Americans and much of the colored people have no lactase in their bodies. Milk is compared by some nutritionists with white blood. The average quart of milk contains 322 million white blood cells, they argue. After pasteurization remaining 322 million dead white blood cells. And yet – the substance that causes “mad cow” can not be destroyed in boiling milk. Cholesterol contained in 3 cups of milk is equal to the amount you have in 53 slices bacon, say skeptical of the usefulness of milk . In their milk increases the risk of breast cancer in women who eat butter and cheese 3 or more times per week than those who consumed dairy products less than once a week. At the same time the beneficial properties of milk and milk products are repeatedly proved from thousands of authoritative studies. choice for the consumption of certain products naturally belongs only to the user.


The first written document which mentions the beer is from the Sumerians – the fourth century BC. Sumerian beer was called in those days sikaru.Oshte principle of beer production is based on the fermentation of barley. Residents of Babylon continued this tradition. They milled barley flour and made it molds to the shape of bread. This makes it easier to transport. To make the beer should only be broken this mold and immersed in water to ensure a long fermentation. Barley was one of the most popular cereals and each family makes its beer from a special recipe. Gradually, the family gave way to professional production. At the end of the eleventh century in the beer began to add hops, and so get a taste that we know today. In Babylon there was a tradition – the first month after the wedding, the bride’s father drew his son every day with beer. Tradition demanded by the groom to know that can change the beer, but not women. From the moment people began to make beer, they find it more and more healing. The ancient Sumerian physicians prescribed their patients utes of the mouth and drinking warm beer with toothache. In medieval times beer was used as a means of earning a kidney stone for the treatment of physical and spiritual exhaustion. After a long walk people rub their feet with beer. Some doctors treat with beer respiratory diseases and women’s beer was famous for its rejuvenating properties when used on the skin. During the cholera epidemic some doctors believed that beer is the medicine of disease because germs died after several hours in the beer. Maybe that’s why outbreaks of cholera in Europe rarely took casualties among workers in the brewery. Among the most craziest laws relating to alcohol is the law of the city of Ames in the U.S. state of Iowa. He said the man may not lie in bed with a woman, if drank more than three gulps of beer. In the largest pub in the town of Matsushiro (Japan) customers are entitled to free beer, but only if they are in place during the earthquake.


Banana is probably one of your favorite fruits. And the best part is that you can buy it from local shop anytime of the year, unlike years ago when the privilege to eat tropical fruit is settled only by Christmas.

- We offer you our selection of some interesting facts about the yellow fruit.

- Banana tree often reaches 10 meters high and 40 cm in diameter. From a tree usually hanging fruit weighing 300 500 kg.

- The first president of Zimbabwe was called Canaan Banana.

- Bananas are not only yellow but red. Seychelles Mao is the only place in the world where there is gold, red and black banana. Locals like yadyat them as a garnish for lobsters and clams.

- The banana contains more vitamin B6, than in other fruits. It is known that this vitamin is responsible for good mood.

- The crop of bananas is the second largest crop in the world ahead of the grapes, which is in third place and retreat of oranges.

- India and Brazil produce more bananas than any other country in the world.

- Dried banana contains five times more calories than raw. One banana contains 300 mg of potassium, which helps combat high blood pressure and strengthens heart muscle.

- Maite Lepik of Estonia won the first race in the world of fast food with bananas. He managed to eat 10 bananas for 3 minutes. More startling is that it takes banana peels directly with to save time.

- Bananas in Latin is “musa sapientum”, which means “fruit of the wise man.

- World Record for swallowing bananas for 1 hour is 81 fetus.

All Free Stuff

April 17th, 2012


   The new site www.freestuffgalaxy.com  is one of the few websites publishing information on freebies, which are always current and interesting. In most sites the people (principally stay at home moms) fall of coupons for discounts often are very old and very tender. In fact I found freestuffgalaxy not searching FREE STUFF, and in a site design. First I liked the design. Extremely modern, stylish and clean. Then focus and content. I found the coordinates of the owner, because I cared who did the design. It turned out a very nice woman that became friends, so I put a banner on this site. In this topic I will post some more interesting offers from there. Enjoy fun!

Home Decoration – Colors

March 15th, 2012

Colors reflect the individuality of people and generate different types of energy in our homes. It is important to choose an appropriate color for the home and for each room. There are several general rules that you should be complied with when choosing colors:
The size of the room – dark colors create the illusion of a smaller volume. For small rooms is better to use light colors. For large rooms can use iridescent colors or two different colors.
The type of paint – is important in terms of cleaning, water resistance, light effects.
Light – a room that does not get enough sunlight should be painted in bright, bestyasht color does not look bleak.
Occupant of the room – the color should reflect its induvidualnostta and reinforces, or mitigates certain inclinations.
Psychology of Color
Different colors affect the mental state of people in different ways.
The color starts to influence the feelings and emotions, 90 seconds after its initial adoption.
Selected color must to generate positive emotions.
The color should help to express the character and individuality.
The colors associated with different feelings and emotions.
White: the color of purity. It provokes confidence, clarity, attention, affection, loyalty. He was new, modern. Most refreshing, energizing and pure color.
Black: black is associated with courage and with evil forces. He is also known as klasicheki color, connect the power, prestige, elegance, seduction, sophistication. It is good to have big prostranstava at his home in black. Use it as an accent.
Red: the color red attracts attention. Color strength. It connects to sashtesvovanieto, sex, passion, danger, strength and aggression. This is the most intense color in terms of emotions. If you do not have enough passion in the relationship, use red, but do not overdo it. Just as with the black, do the red details and accents, but do not paint your house red.
Blue: the blue color is dostoynsto and faith. It is associated with honesty, peace, security, reliability, membership, financial stability.
Green: green is the color of health and wellbeing. It expresses fertility, abundance, freedom, growth, healing, nature. Sometimes associated with jealousy. Very appropriate color for the home.
Brown: brown is the color of earth and is found in abundance in nature. He is polite, aid effectiveness, wealth.
Pink: Pink is the soft color and awakens romantic feelings, sweetness, well-being, innocence, femininity, raising children.
Purple: the color of kings, luxury, sophistication. He developed spirituality, dignity.
Orange: Color igarata, fun, abundance, warmth, pleasure, endurance, ambition. Color with a very favorable impact on psyche. Helps in healing.
Yellow: the color of sunlight, many living color. Helps easier concentration.
Gold: color of social status and luxury.
Silver: Color Science and prestige

The Perfect Man 2

March 15th, 2012

As for the mythical creature is the perfect man? Various times – some manners, so the idea of the perfect being of the order highly sexual, often has changed, rather than promoted.

Whatever you say, women love to fantasize his ideal and to attribute other fantastic qualities. Every woman imagine their future encounter with this wonderful man looking at her insightful with his blue (warm brown \ its strict gray) eyes, to say the sacred words, and led her to her car chic (personal airplane coast in Italy …).

Options for each other, changing only the shell of the ideal, but the essence remains the same – protection and peace.

For example, primitive society. For women in these difficult times was important to know that their counsel will be large to provide a function of the stone wall, strong to-day execution of their duties in finding and domakvaneto in the cave of different meat mamutodelikatesi.

Besides all this, primitive ideal is to be excessively hairy – winters were cold and hides all the body parts you can not put. We should note that women became more and more clever with every passing century and preferred to dream about candidates for the chief post – head of the tribe.

The further in the direction of our times get, the more complicated. Ages complicate relations between the ladies and their knights.

Now women do not dream for so rude and simple primitive morals, and the man was required first passionately and methodically to worship their bride, then to perform the feat 2-3 (ideally more, but not too because the lady may can not wait for it …), and only after all preparations to try to squeeze out the cherished “yes” or a kiss or something more …. Overall, the essence remains one – protection, peace and hope for a better future.

Knights exhibited improved their quality of primitive times, but women know better and also managed to impress their future elected, that lady must be won in a civilized manner, manifesting miracles of chivalry and nobility.

And what about our times? The list of requirements for the ideal already going all reasonable limits. Women they should serve only the best and it’s the most beautiful platter. Except that modern men do not have the strength to fit in this tray everything you need to know.

We therefore have to choose, to choose and evaluate long, this modern self-service shop. Primitive requirements have not disappeared, just undergone some changes in accordance with the time – women are so they need strong representatives of the males, which provide his family food and protection chase offenders, dealing with leaky faucets and dissolve iron. ..

Stone wall in the face of the male ideal has not dropped, but this wall must be solid not only in terms of protection. Women they need strong men will, strong spirit and some other more tangible parts of the body, however, sexual life is not an unimportant part of the ideal man.

There is no need to meditative stretches on “dead” ideals. The ideal man does not drink, not smoke, do not curse, does not play for money ….. not exist.
Who is the ideal man of 21 century?

The image of the ideal man significantly modified in the unrestrained imagination of girls. If the street to the sweet and charming girl in a romantic cocktail dress came prince on a white horse with the phrase “I’ll gift all the stars in the sky, a charming stranger, will hear a response from the aggrieved girl that in our time with horses and stars none not impressed. And who can impress such a sweet and charming girl nowadays?

So, the ideal man wears an expensive watch, shiny shoes, stylish hairdos, there are several mobile phone, which regularly call and thus create an atmosphere of work and importance. The perfect man loves to read the first morning newspaper. The very thought that it was not his first act detrimental to the psyche. The ideal man to communicate with a woman using a set of two gentlemen going to the cinema, one in the zoo, candy box and a bouquet of flowers, if a bottle of champagne – the relationship becomes serious.

Then the “ideal man” is … your partner or spouse. Morning wake up without a stylish haircut, unshaven, barefoot, not in fashion shoes and went to the bathroom. Obscures the mirror, forget the toothpaste open, leaving a hot cup of coffee of your favorite polished table and quick to work with the phrase: “Tonight will be late.” And your ideal man remains only the pleasant smell of toilet water in the hallway.

After all, your ideal man is an actor from the TV screen, the coach of a sports club or in the worst case, a man of your familiar. Perhaps because it is impossible to be perfect always. Even the most chic jewelry from close range, you may notice some defect.

Be careful what you dream, because dreams have the ability to come true!

Perfect stranger passing in the street in a luxury car is not always the man with whom I can only be loved and who can be called a real man. There is a difference between the concepts of “ideal” and “real” man. ” Ideality is not always a guarantee for stability, and just dream about it 90% of women.

Uncertain relationship with this man remind early morning in bed – the reluctance to leave the warm blanket, and sleep also can not after ringing the alarm.

So to let these feelings and keep fluids in you flew. A search of the ideal, of course, we should not cease, though it is expressed in the beauty of life – the constant tarsenene of perfection.

However, remember that the most important is “the perfect man” to you to make you feel happy!