Some tips for the autumn mood

Still without a golden glow, autumn is here. Her presence is perceived lack of sun, on the one hand and the emergence of bad weather on the other. After smiling and sunny summer and the end of the holidays, the new season inevitably affects the senses and our perceptions. Unfortunately, the changes are not in a positive way – they are in a bad mood and appearance of depression. It is normal to feel that way since died out in nature brings us discomfort. To avoid the experience we need to pay attention to certain activities in the rest of the year we could not afford to miss. To keep positivism and good mood in the autumn, however, they are essential …

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1. More movement Scientists have repeatedly demonstrated that daily exercise is a great way to deal with depression and “black” thoughts. If you have not yet formed the habit of exercise, daily walks in the park or a quiet place, can do wonders for your mood. The phrase “I feel alive!” Speaks volumes in itself. Should reach a state that requires us to express, as often this season. Besides mental attitude, an important step towards such a situation and the way we feel our body. Running for health, for example, is a great way to get toned. Beginners, however, should not overdo it – when I feel stress or fatigue in the muscles stop. If you think running your boring, now is the time to choose a pastime – sport, dance, yoga – all of them will do wonders for both body and spirit.

2. Smehoterapiya Laughter is health! Probably everyone has heard the expression that deserves its popularity. He is the subject of research by scientists around the world. It has been shown that laughter improves health. While we laugh, take in more air, resulting in improved blood circulation. Thus, improving breathing, massage the abdominal organs, reducing stress, pain go away. Laughter has a soporific effect. Thus, overnight stay is relaxing and concentration during the day improves – the secret to be more capable in the workplace. In addition, laughter boosts the immune system and protects against heart disease. Put in a comedy that you unload and banish unpleasant thoughts and feelings. On the other hand, try to find more reason to smile. Certainly we see around smiling and cheerful faces, the mood improves. When we laugh, our brain releases endorphins are – known as the hormone of happiness. Based on these facts do not, psychotherapists create a method by which to treat both mental and physical illnesses and conditions. In Bulgaria, however Smehoterapiya not yet widespread.

3. Good friends … In meetings with friends can disband to share – good and bad. This is the best way to dispel, because they are “in good hands”. Get together more often with your loved ones – they can understand and help in any situation. In general, any good company, a new thrill to have a positive effect.

4. To pamper This method is one of the most effective to overcome daily stress and tension. In the autumn, however, must be paid particular attention. Devote more time favorite activities. Start with a massage – a great way to get rid of stress and tension and improve your mood and make you feel “alive.” Perform all cosmetic procedures that give you pleasure and help you relax. Blast your favorite music, dance and sing freely. Take a relaxing bath. Candlelit dinner with fine food and good company is also a great way to feel better. Try to see the beauty of the season. Autumn brings with it a natural and beautiful pictures – enjoy them!

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